Build a powerful business system that will rev up your sales.

  • Looking for ways to take credit card payments?
  • Want full control over your customer's experience?
  • Wish you could improve your business software?

Resolute BUDGET

You want the ability to accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express payments, want to be able to swipe the card-present transactions, don't need to do a lot online -- just online presence and show your information, but later want to be able to extend your sales software or create custom point of sale system -- this is the plan for you.

Resolute PRO

You are thinking bigger than just payments and simple web site, you want to control your online sales process and you want those sales with your everyday-sales-report, but you are still not ready for custom point-of-sales system. This is the plan that does exactly what you want.

Resolute ELITE

You realized that your in-the-store customer experience isn't what it can be. You wish you had control over the process. You want your tools to do what you want them to do. This plan gives you control over the whole business system. You control your reporting, your customer experience online and in your front room.

Resolute BUDGET

We provide hardware and software for credit card processing. We also create, host and maintain your website with a custom domain name, custom email and analytics of your traffic.

  • Credit Card processing. EMV, NFC
  • Online presence. Simple website.
  • Mobile and web access to transactions.
  • Recurring billing.
Resolute PRO

All the Resolute Budget with additional features for someone who wants to control online sales.

  • Custom online sales software
  • Development and Integrations
Resolute ELITE

You get the Resolute Pro plus additional hardware for somebody who wants to control front-room experience as well:

  • Clover Station 2018 with customer interaction screen.
  • Customized point-of-sales software
  • Reporting customization

We will be your technology partner

who measures your sales progress

and develops tools to grow your business.

How does it work?

It starts with a merchant application.You submit your application to our merchant account partner. Be ready to enter your EIN and other business information. They might ask you to send additional documents. It usually takes about a day to find out if you are approved or rejected. Upon approval you get a call that you are set up and you can start process online payments. Right after approval your hardware is mailed to you. Allow 7 days for delivery. Once you get your hardware, we will install and test all your equipment. We provide on-site training and customization. After you are set for processing, we set up the first development meeting where we together figure out what is it that your business is trying to achieve and how we are going to go about it.

How long does it take?

Different plans get different hardware and services. Depending on your plan and your needs the development and integration might be longer or shorter. Usually it will not take longer than a month to have your systems set up and running. And that is when you start to see those extra sales or savings.

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